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Four & Eight Seasons Journey

The Four/Eight Seasons Journey is a one-year or two-year immersion into the Women’s Mysteries and the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Womancraft.


The Journey is an experiential and educational program, open to women of all ages.  Students are offered an in-depth opportunity to remember the wisdom of the cycles.


In a safely held circle we explore our inner world, heal our past wounds and transform into sovereign women.  We reclaim Sisterhood, connection with the Earth and the Sacred Feminine for all our relations.


The curriculum is delivered via six face-to-face gatherings (five face-to-face gatherings for Northern Hemisphere courses) and five coursework modules (homestudy reading and preparation) and is intended to add to each student’s abilities as woman, mother, healer, midwife, doula, birthkeeper, the understanding and skills to work in the inner shamanic realms – facilitating transformation for themselves and others on their journeys.


Focused on the shamanic perspective of cycles – of the Earth, Life, Moon and the menstrual cycle of Woman – the 4SJ prepares its students to become Shamanic Craftswomen – teachers and practitioners of the women’s mysteries, for their community and beyond, in the worthy mission of healing the wounded feminine, healing birth and healing the Earth.


The Eight Seasons Journey (8SJ) offers the same curriculum as the 4SJ spread over a 2-year period.

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one-day workshops


Reclaiming Feminine Power through Reconnection with the Women’s Mysteries.  A one-day workshop for women.


Long lost to our culture is the trust in life, deep knowing and connection to all things inherent in the wisdom of the seasons and cycles of a Woman’s life. Every Woman has direct access to this and can find a sense of balance and harmony missing from the sanitised, disinfected and censored modern life. Our blood cycles connect us to each other, to the Earth, and to the Moon, yet we perpetuate a mythology that disregards this.


Hearing the stories and using ritual and ceremony, we can heal our past wounds, create new attitudes to our bodies and new ways forward for ourselves, our daughters and their daughters.




These gatherings, by arrangement, will run over three – four hours and be an introduction to the menstrual cycle for girls, pre and post menarche, and their mothers. It is an experiential workshop focussed on the girls, teaching the wisdom of the cycles, demystifying the menstrual cycle and teaching the spiritual and physical opportunities inherent in the cycle.




A one-day workshop for women – pregnant, planning to be and birthworkers – delving into the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy and birth. We will engage in powerful processes to understand what we are bringing to birth, to let go of fears and to journey deep within to our wombs to meet our babies, soul babies or Inner Goddess.




Peri-Menopause and Menopause are a significant rite of passage in a woman’s life, both feared and misunderstood.  As our fertility wanes we move from the Summer season of our lives to the Autumn…


This is a time to claim and be with for all that it offers us as we shift into our wise woman years.  After Mother, before Crone… is the time of the Maga – the Matriarch, the Enchantress, the Harvest Queen…


Apprenticeship Arrangements

Apprenticeship Arrangements (AA) are open to 4SJ graduates of the School of Shamanic Womancraft (SSW).


The aim of the AA programs is to prepare graduates of the SSW to be able to hold workshops in their own communities and beyond.


There are currently three Apprenticeship Arrangements on offer to SSW graduates:

Workshop Apprenticeship Arrangement (WAA) – for graduates who wish to become Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy, Moonsong and Becoming a Woman workshop facilitators.


Four Seasons Journey Apprentice Circle (4SJAC) – a three year program for graduates of the 4SJ who wish to become facilitators of 4SJ programs, either working for the School or in a Sister Program relationship. The Apprentice Circle runs within the 4SJ each year and is facilitated by graduates of the program.


Private Mentoring Arrangement (PMA) – for graduates wanting private mentoring to develop their own programs, course and projects.