The Four Seasons Journey in the Otways is taught by:


Opening Gathering
12pm Friday 15th February to 4pm Sunday 17th February, 2019
Location: Pennyroyal, VIC


Full Moon Gathering
12pm Wednesday 20th March to 4pm Friday 22nd March, 2019
Location: Pennyroyal, VIC


Dark Moon Gathering
12pm Friday 3rd May to 4pm Sunday 5th May, 2019
Location: Pennyroyal, VIC


Wilderness Solo Gathering
12pm Saturday 31st August to 12pm Monday 8th September, 2019
Location: Otways Region, VIC


Wilderness Solo Debrief Gathering
12pm Friday 4th October to 4pm Sunday 6th October, 2019
Location: Pennyroyal, VIC


Closing Gathering
12pm Friday 15th November to 4pm Sunday 17th November, 2019
Location: Pennyroyal, VIC


Full Fee Payment:
$4900 + $490 GST = $5390 paid in one full payment


Instalment Payment:
$5400 + $540 GST = $5940 paid in four instalments over the year



This amount includes:


Five gatherings throughout the year (10 nights) 


Wilderness Solo (8-10 nights)


All food and camping accommodation


All materials (including a frame drum and ritual mask)


Free entry for up to six one-day workshops during the 4SJ year
(Moonsong, Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy and Autumn Woman, Harvest Queen)


E-book copies of HerstoryTen Moons and Becoming A Woman
by Jane Hardwicke Collings


Print copies of Thirteen Moons menstrual cycle handbook and Spinning Wheels cycle tool
by Jane Hardwicke Collings


Lilith astrology reading


Coursework, handouts


Interview, teaching & mentoring