About the school

The School of Shamanic Womancraft was founded by Australian midwife Jane Hardwicke Collings.

The School of Shamanic Womancraft was founded by Australian midwife Jane Hardwicke Collings.


Jane has trained in Shamanic practices with James M Harvey, aka Blackbear and has had many wonderful teachers including Midwife Maggie Lecky Thompson, Birthkeeper Jeannine Parvati Baker and Teacher and Author Cedar Barstow. Jane lives in the country of NSW, Australia with her husband, some of her children and many animal friends.


“Back in 1991, when I was 33, I met Jeannine Parvati Baker at a USA MANA conference. She gave a pre-conference workshop entitled Shamanic Midwifery. At that point in my life I had been a homebirth midwife for 6 years and a student of Shamanism for 1 year and we had three children. Jeannine’s wisdom helped me bring my passions of homebirth midwifery and shamanic practices together. Over the years I continued my country midwifery practice had another baby and put together two workshops called Pregnancy The Inner Journey and Moonsong – Reclaiming Feminine Power Through Reconnection With The Women’s Mysteries. Until Jeannine’s untimely death in 2005 I learned so much from her and on her passing committed to continue to spread her wise teachings how ever I could.


In 2008 I had a conversation with a young midwife. She spoke so eloquently, poetically, mythically, archetypally. She reminded so much of Jeannine. She asked me to share with her what I had learned from my mentor Jeannine and as a midwife to help her on her journey. And so the seed for The School of Shamanic Womancraft was sown.


In 2009 the School started with Her Virgin Journey. Ten women graduated from that first year long journey in December 2010 and the second year called the Four Seasons Journey started in October 2010. The Four Seasons Journey program has continued to run successfully for each year to follow – commencing each Southern Spring and coming to a close the following Summer. Women from all over the world are expressing interest in this Women’s Mystery School and she is growing as we grow with her. Several Shamanic Craftswomen from the original groups are now teachers, and more are learning each year through the Apprentice Circle to become facilitators for the Four Seasons Journey and other aspects of the curriculum as well, e.g. learning to present and facilitate the Connecting With the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy and Moonsong workshops and Vision Quests. Many other exciting and paradigm shifting projects are underway within special groups formed by the students and graduates including helping to bring Red Tents to communities and festivals where women gather, creating documentary films and presentations on the Women’s Mysteries sharing the wisdom of others from all over the world. The School is growing, and the Women are gathering, finding the deep connection they often didn’t even realise they were craving.


Jane Hardwicke Collings