Autumn Woman Harvest Queen

After Mother, before Crone, is the time of the Maga
~ the Matriarch, the Enchantress, the Harvest Queen…

What is Autumn Woman Harvest Queen?

Autumn Woman Harvest Queen is a one-day workshop in which to explore (PERI-)MENOPAUSE as a powerful rite of passage in a woman’s life, often feared and misunderstood.  As our fertility wanes, we move from the Summer season of our lives to the Autumn. This is a time to CLAIM our harvest, EMBODY our wisdom and LEAD our communities!

This workshop will help you:


☸  Explore the transformative power of Menopause and your earlier rites of passage


☸  Unpack fears and ‘cultural baggage‘ around changing bodies and aging


☸  Renegotiate your health, your work-life balance, your relationships, your sexuality, your lifestyle…


☸  Appreciate your embodied wisdom and embrace the new person you are becoming in this energetic upgrade!

Why Menopause?

More coming soon…

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