"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

Four Seasons Journey

The FourSeasons Journey is a one-year immersion into the Women’s Mysteries and the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Womancraft.

The Journey is an experiential and educational program, open to women of all ages. Students are offered an in-depth opportunity to remember the wisdom of the cycles.

In a safely held circle we explore our inner world, heal our past wounds and transform into sovereign women. We reclaim Sisterhood, connection with the Earth and the Sacred Feminine for all our relations.

Focused on the shamanic perspective of cycles – of the Earth, Life, Moon and the menstrual cycle of Woman – the 4SJ prepares its students to become Shamanic Craftswomen – teachers and practitioners of the women’s mysteries, for their community and beyond, in the worthy mission of healing the wounded feminine, healing birth and healing the Earth.

The Eight Seasons Journey (8SJ) offers the same curriculum as the 4SJ spread over a 2-year period.

Course Outline

The curriculum is delivered via six face-to-face gatherings and five coursework modules (homestudy reading and preparation).

This content is intended to add to each student’s abilities as woman, parent, healer, birthkeeper, community leader, the understanding and skills to work in the inner shamanic realms – facilitating transformation for themselves and others on their journeys.

Opening Gathering

Meet your fellow Journey-women and make a frame drum, ancient tool of women’s spirituality.

Full Moon Gathering

Make a mask of your Power Animal and move with its medicine under the Full Moon.

Dark Moon Gathering

Deepen your understanding of seven goddess archetypes and enact the Descent of Inanna in a powerful group ceremony.

Wilderness Solo

Spend three days and three nights soloing on the land with full-bodied presence, bookended by the deepest of story-telling and wild celebration!

Wilderness Solo Debrief

Gather one moon later to share your experiences post-Wilderness Solo, and weave them into a (literal) work of art.

Closing Gathering

Share what you’ve learned of this Shamanic Womancraft Way with your sisters in a loving ocean of oxytocin!

What You Receive

A Year of Gathering with Deep-Diving Kin
  • six in-person gatherings throughout the year
  • Nourishing organic catering 
  • Camping accommodation on the land
Wilderness Solo (10 nights)
  • Wilderness experience of powerful storytelling, ceremony and preparation
  • 3 days and 3 nights alone, held by the land
  • invitation to fast to facilitate an altered state of deep listening consciousness
  • full support from crew in basecamp, available 24/7
  • experience the feminine version of a wilderness quest, meeting nature at your edge
  • a one-on-one initial conversation with your teachers in which to share your story and ask any questions
A Year of Teaching & Mentoring
  • your teachers are available throughout the whole year to answer queries and support you on your journey
  • each gathering has a set of coursework, journal reflections and readings to complete
  • access to the SSW Temple with all the resources and communication through the journey
  • all materials are included in your course fees
  • activities include making a frame drum, ritual mask, crown and weaving, craft through the year
Books & Ebooks
  • e-book copies of Herstory, Ten Moons and Becoming A Woman by Jane Hardwicke Collings 
  • print copies of Thirteen Moons menstrual cycle handbook and Spinning Wheels cycle tool by Jane Hardwicke Collings
  • explore the Wild Feminine archetype with a Lilith Astrology Reading
  • Complement your understanding of the feminine archetypes with a Goddess asteroid reading
A Map of Your Personal Experience
  • the 4SJ teaches a cyclical framework and perspective
  • you will map your rites of passage and understand your experiences through this cyclical lens of Shamanic Womancraft 101: Know Thyself
Maieutic Method
  • the 4SJ teaches the Maieutic Method, an ancient way of “being with” others
  • learn how to hold yourself while holding others
  • this way of listening and supporting others is an essential skillset for any work supporting other people
Frame Drum
  • make a frame drum, ancient tool of women’s spirituality that has been used by women for centuries 
  • learn various ways to use and play a frame drum
  • honour our experience as sacred and learn how to create ceremony 
Free entry to six workshops
  • to complete your Four Seasons Journey you are required to attend six workshops (Moonsong, Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy and Autumn Woman, Harvest Queen)
  • the cost of these is covered by your fees. see the SSW calendar for workshop dates
Lifetime access to the SSW community
  • upon graduation you are part of the SSW alumni, with lifetime access to the SSW Temple, facebook page and local circles and events
  • attend the annual MerConference & have fun at the MerBall with your sisters!


Upcoming Four Seasons Journeys are being offered in these locations:

starting February 2024

starting February 2024

starting February 2024

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