Susan Stark

Location: Brisbane, Queensland


Phone: 0435 346 137

Scarlett McNamara

Shamanic Craftswoman, Homebirth Mother, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator and Sales leader.

Location: Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland


Scarlett is passionate about empowering women to be authentic and to be successful in the world, whatever that means to them, in whatever context they engage with the world. Her focus is working with wounding and healing, and she is available for the creation of ritual, workshops and events which highlight the artificial dichotomy of dark and light into which we divide our experience.

She has mentored many women and sales people in a corporate context and is also available for this purpose.

Lyn Francis

I hold a PhD in women leaving or ending domestic violence and social support during that process. I am a researcher, teacher, nurse, midwife, mother, grandmother, maga. I have also studied law, early childhood and plan to study social science/anthropology from 2016.

Location: Brisbane, Queensland


Phone: 0429143320

Supporter of homebirths although I am not a homebirth midwife, love travelling and knowledge and teachings regarding traditional healing modalities including shamanism and complementary therapies. I am interested in further research regarding health law including regulation of health practitioners, shamanism and midwifery, domestic/partner violence and healing of the wounded feminine.


Talulah Gough

Homebirth Mother of four children, Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Dreamer and Teacher for the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Dancer, Drummer, Singer

Location: Sydney, NSW



Instagram: @makingsacred2


Talulah was awakened to the Women’s mysteries with the pregnancy of her first child. She trained as Doula and childbirth educator during her second and third pregnancies, and joined the first circle of the School of Shamanic Womancraft with her fourth. Talulah continued with the school to do her Teacher of the Four Seasons Journey apprenticeship over the next 3 years. Each year was a deepening into understanding who she was and what she is here to do on this Earth.


Talulah created and teaches the Eight Seasons Journey, which allows for the study of the Shamanic Womancraft work over two years.


Talulah holds Moon Circle for Mothers and Maidens, Moon Circle for Women, Moonsong and community dance instillations in Australia and internationally. Her work is also available online through e-courses, e-guides and ebooks at


She continues to work with Women offering private shamanic sessions in person and via Skype and doula support.

Melissa Perrot

Location: Bellingen, NSW


Phone: O414 323 299

Elizabeth Anne Criner

Clinical Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Mother, Practitioner of Shamanic Womancraft, Birth Attendant, Sacred Space Creator, Facilitator and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries

Location: Orchard Street Clinic, 137 Macpherson St, Bronte, Sydney


Phone: 0414629295

Elizabeth is a Shamanic Craftswoman, Homebirth Mother, Facilitator, Nutritionist and Bodyworker who is passionate about supporting women through their personal journeys, creating healthy experiences of rites of passage. Reminding us of the deep power that lies within. Remember the wisdom of coming together and sharing our stories.

Elizabeth is currently based in Bronte, Sydney. She can be found in the Orchard Street Apothecary selling juice cleanses and making potions. She is running monthly women’s circles, community dance nights and offering her services as a Shamanic Craftswoman, Doula, Nutritionist and yin massage / bodyworker. Please call Elizabeth to enquire about any of the above services or to connect in with the Sydney community.

Sharon Freeman

Graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Registered Nurse, Mother, Grandmother  Doula, Red Tent Womens Circles Facilitator, Blessingways, Lomi Lomi Practitioner.

Location: Maitland / Hunter Valley, NSW


Mobile: 0421 912 845

Sequoia Krop

Mother, Shamanic Witch, Craftswoman, Blood Priestess, Apprentice, Doula, Shiatsu therapist, Reiki master, Energetic healer, Keeper of the women’s mysteries.

Location: Wilson’s Creek, NSW (Byron shire)



Phone: 0404 433 228

Sequoia works in service to women and to the Goddess. As a graduate and 3rd year apprentice of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Sequoia brings her presence and skills to witnessing and facilitating transformation. She has completed training in the healing arts and doula work and incorporates many modalities into her private healing sessions. Sequoia runs workshops which include: honoring women, blood magick, cycles, menstruation and birth, as well as spell work and drum making.  She has run red tents in her community and around Australia through Red Tent Dreaming, which she co-ordinates. Sequoia has presented rituals and workshops at conferences and festivals and is dedicated to the continued healing and connection of the sisterhood.

Avalon Darnesh

Shamanic Birthkeeper, Soul Guide, Author and Textile Artist.

Location: Mid North Coast, NSW – also available by phone/skype globally


Mobile: 0422 379 722


Avalon inspires women to reclaim their feminine power and wild, sensual nature through the journeys of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. She honours vulnerability, intimacy and sexuality as a gateway to transformation and offers private 1:1 sessions, mentoring and online classes supporting women to blossom into their beautiful self. She is the founder of The Birth Blueprint e-course: Reclaiming Nature’s Wisdom: A step-by-step Guide to Ecstatic Birth, and also runs the Blossoming Woman Sanctuary for tech savvy, health aware, conscious mothers to unite, nurture themselves and share their gifts with the world.

Contact Avalon for a free 20 minute session to connect and talk about how she can support you, and see more about her and her offerings at her website.

Jaia Baer

Homebirth mother of 1, Midwife, Yoga Teacher,  Breathworker, Healer, Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Ritual Maker, Ceremonalist and Earthkeeper

Location: Newcastle, NSW



Mobile: 0431 709 978

Jaia is passionate about living authentically through reconnecting and remembering our true selves. She applies this passion and intent to her work as Healer, Midwife and Ritual Maker. She offers herself as “holder of space” with an open heart, bringing depth and resonance to her work. She is available for ceremonies, rituals, healings, workshops, classes and as a birth keeper. Jaia is first and foremost an Earthkeeper.

Laura Howard

Doula, Traditional Birth Worker, Shamanic Guide and Facilitator, Homebirth Mother, Sacred Circle Facilitation, Blessingways, Womans Mysteries Weaver and Server

Location: Northern NSW


Phone: +61 428 888 838

Laura is devoted to empowering woman to reclaim, to remember the wisdom within.. that is inherent within each of us… supporting women as they journey through the rites of passage in life to create these experiences as healthy, powerful and transformational ones…

Laura supports families through pregnancy, birth and beyond… Honouring the sacred space of birth, and the sacred journey of each woman’s unique passage into motherhood…

Adriana Forte Naili

Location: Otford, NSW

Mobile: 0415 962 983

I am – as most women – a combination of many things. I am a mother, a creatrix, a change maker, a healer, a teacher.

I am the founder of THE GOOD CYCLE, a platform that brings social change in the form of awareness and education.


I am passionate about creating balance between the masculine and feminine polarities on our planet. Inspiring women to live fuller lives and embrace themselves as the Goddesses that they are is one of the ways that I have found to help in this balance.

Eloise Victoria

Artist, Earthkeeper, Birth & Death Doula, Ceremonial Facilitator and Shamanic Craftswoman

Location: Blue Mountains, NSW



Mobile: 0405 341 108

“I’m going to rise, rise, rise

With the wind

Take my place in the sun

Find my freedom

I give thanks for my work in the world

I give thanks for the people who welcome me home.”

(Author Unknown)

Jen Ishtar Shellhorn

Currently studying Bachelor of Midwifery at SCU Coffs Harbour, Doula, Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator, Pregnancy / Postnatal and Women’s Yoga, Mother of 2 teenagers (Jaala and Oscar)

Location: Valla, NSW (20 minutes from the lovely town of Bellingen)



Mobile: 0403 957 879

My first birth and first eye contact with my baby daughter was an indescribable awakening in me (bliss and motherhood). In her eyes I was met with strength, wisdom and beauty, this lead me searching on how to be this way for her, onto my spiritual journey with Yoga. This journey flowed naturally onto my becoming a Pre & Post Natal Ypga teacher and a wish to work with women. I then became a Doula and upon witnessing how healing and empowering births could be for women, this had me driven to know and understand more. I decided to become a Childbirth and early Parenting Educator, which opened me up more of the feminine and led me to delve deeper into the realms of this truth, so found myself wishing to do the Four Seasons Journey with Jane. After 3 years of wishing, my wish was fulfilled and I completed the 4SJ2013 journey with a group of amazing Shamanic Craftswomen sisters. Because of this I am now listening more closely to my inner strength and am currently doing the Bachelor of Midwifery. With all this experience I envision myself creating a safe haven for women and families to birth in at “Simply Birthing Yoga, Education and Support Services” and being a part of the healing of the wounded feminine.

Raven Abulhawa

Qualified Nurse and Midwife (U.K), Mother, Grandmother, Shamanic Weaver, Doula, Drummer, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Swim Teacher.

Location: Northwest Sydney, New South Wales

Phone: 0416 511 118

Amanda Fisher

Social entrepreneur / creatrix of Bachhara, model, fashion designer / artist, healer / kinesiologist, Mother to Rayne and Mercury, wife to Reon and sister to many amazing women.

Location: Illawarra, NSW



Mobile: 0430 100 414

Gypsy Artemis

Homebirth Mamma, Shamanic Wayshower, Weaver, Medicine Drum Maker, Artist, End of Life worker.

Location: Ettalong Beach, NSW

Website: and


Phone: 0406 502 715

Gypsy is a woman with many passions and talents. Her biggest calling is to the facilitation of meaningful rites of passage for all life phases, from birth to death. One of her favourite roles is that of Blessingway facilitator.

After journeying with her dying mother in 2007, Gypsy also has a deep seated passion for end of life work, from changing community perception about death, to doing what she can to positively impact the system and culture in which we find ourselves living and dying here in Australia.

Gypsy is also an avid artiste! Creating sacred healing tools brings her great joy & thus facilitating shamanic medicine drum workshops is a key focus in her work.

Katherine Howard

I am a Mother to 3 beautiful young women and a grandmother to 2 divine beings. I have been an Occupational Therapist since 1980 and a Psychodramatist since 2011. I study Herbal Medicine. I am a Shamanic Womancrafter (4SJ 2014).

Location:  Blue Mountains and Sydney NSW



Telephone: +61 410561032

I have a wealth of experience as a Therapist – working with individuals, couples and groups. I have expertise in physical and psychological injury, pain and trauma rehabilitation. The focus of my work now is to combine Shamanic Womancrafting with Psychodrama.  I do counselling on line (skype) and face to face. I run groups and sacred journeys. Ireland and Glastonbury are the spirit homes that call me- the places of my red thread lineage.

Catherine Ishwari Shead

Mother of 4, Grandmother of 2, Womb Priestess and Shamanic Womancrafter.

Location: Blue Mountains, NSW



Phone:   +61 431138526

Facilitator of rites of passage, Womb Awakening and Sacred Union, Women’s Circles and Temple, Labyrinth walks, Birth Into Being Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression and Soul Journeying with the Divine Feminine through planets/asteroids in the astrology medicine wheel. I am a transformational coach in Conscious Uncoupling and Calling In the One.

My passion is for women (and men) to experience their ecstatic birthright and full potential. We are living in epic times of awakening .  Be the change you want to see.

Chloe Ross

Registered Nurse, Graduate Certificate Palliative Nursing

Shamanic Transition Guide, Mother of four children, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Aunt, Gardener, Vegetarian, Knitter, Bookclubber, Animal Carer

Location : Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Email :

Phone : 0438 361 050

My interest in palliative nursing started while supporting my father during his last weeks of life and holding witness during his last moments.  I nurse people who have life-limiting illnesses towards a peaceful death within NSW public health. This role gives me the privilege of supporting many people through their journey and end of life transition.  As a shamanic transition guide I draw on these experiences to offer workshops about how to “Live Fully and Die Gracefully”.  The workshops endeavor to provide preparational, practical and inspirational information around death and dying, but also the poignant message about living fully and presently.


Melinda Whyman

Mother of 4 homeborn children, Healer, Birthkeeper, Menstrual Health Educator, Natural Fertility Awareness Guide, Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Celebration Day for Girls workshop facilitator

Location: Yarra Valley


Mobile: 0414 258 490

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion and interest in women’s health and spirituality. I was blessed to sit in my first women’s circle at the age of 18 and many years and circles later I still feel inspired and deeply connected to the Feminine way.  My initiations as Mother through the pregnancies and births of my 4 children were profound spiritual awakenings, which continue to inform my life and my work in many beautiful and powerful ways.

As Birthkeeper, I offer one-to-one shamanic sessions for pregnant women wishing to connect with their unborn baby, address and release their fears and prepare for birth. I facilitate Blessingway ceremonies and am available for birth attendance and postpartum care. I teach Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshops.

As Menstrual Health Educator, I teach Celebration Day for Girls (rite of passage) workshops for girls 10-12 years and their mothers / female carers and Moonsong workshops for teenage and adult women.

As Natural Fertility Awareness Guide, I offer one-to-one sessions and education for women and their partners seeking to learn natural approaches to both contraception and conscious conception.

Amanda Watt-Sinclair

Location: Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne


Mobile: 0419 361 473

Charlotte Young

Mother of 3 water-born children, writer, facilitator, publisher, dancer and doula

Location: Melbourne



I’m passionate about the wisdom of the body and the power of storytelling. Through dance / movement, story (writing, editing and publishing), birth attending and workshops, I work with women and girls to facilitate them in respecting and cherishing their bodies and becoming “body literate”.

Anna Foletta

Shamanic Craftswoman, Teacher, Facilitator of Maiden’s circles, Dance/Movement Therapist, Mother

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Email Address:

Phone: 0417 314 252

Anna has spent much of her life as an upper primary teacher, but has recently changed direction training as a Dance/Movement Therapist. She has a particular interest in rites of passage for maidens and has been facilitating ongoing maiden’s circles for three years. She now incorporates her recent dance/movement therapy training into all avenues of her work. She is passionate about the medicine of the earth, movement as a way of transformation, her children and all those she loves. She is available for facilitating maiden’s circles, private dance/movement therapy/exploration and deepening; and shamanic journeying/exploration.

Nymh Fox Harper

Mother, Ecologist, Teacher at the School of Shamanic Womancraft

Location: Geelong, Surf Coast, Melbourne


Rebecca Grace Funk


Mother to three homeborn & homeschooled children, Apprentice of the Four Seasons Journey, explorer of Astrology, student of Soul-Centred Psychotherapy, humble Priestess to Life!

Location:  Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne



Phone:  0478 239 400

I host women’s circles and believe deeply in the nourishment we can offer each other in this context.  I also offer this shamanic work through the lens of eco-printing and creative process.

I am vision-keeper for Forest Sisters, a collaborative event for/with women and girls, held each year on the outskirts of Melbourne.

I find astrology a valuable map for understanding ourselves and offer astro sessions/conversations in person or via Skype.

(More info here)

Sarah Miller

Shamanic Craftswomen, Dancer, Story teller, Earth Keeper, Moonsong Facilitator and an Early Childhood Educator.

Location: Melbourne



Phone: 0435 140 148

Sarah holds sacred space for women to journey within and find the grounded nourishment of the wild feminine. She supports women to reconnect to our bodies, and authentically express the divine presence within us. The body is central to her work so she uses movement, dance and touch to facilitate healing and celebration of our personal and collective connection to the divine.

Sarah holds seasonal dance celebrations, monthly meetings in the Temple of She! and facilitates MoonSong workshops. Stories, drumming and sacred circles are important aspects of her work.

She offers one on one and group sessions in all aspects of her work.

Emilie Alciato

Mother, Graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Birthkeeper

Location: Yarra Valley, Victoria



Phone: 0432 484 736

Emilie lives in a small permaculture community farm. She is also originally from France so she can speak either English or French in her work.

Her main area of works are:

– supporting women to connect with their inner wisdom

– honoring the rites of passage

– supporting mother to choose the birth they want and prepare for a conscious birth

– addressing emotional trauma (in particular after a miscarriage or other unexpected birth outcome)

Vivienne Thomas

Mother of 4, Grandmother of 1, Registered Nurse / midwife / maternal child health nurse.

Location: Bacchus Marsh, Western Melbourne, Victoria


Phone: 0406 623 221.

Liz Maloney

Midwife, Nurse, Pregnancy and Birth Educator, Mother of 2

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I have a passion for the journey of woman through pregnancy, birth and mothering. I enjoy sharing all that I have learnt through my years of experience as a midwife, emergency and oncology nurse, mother and personal shamanic journeying. I love the colourful journey and adventure of life.


Kristan Lee Read

Location: Tasmania



Mobile: 0428 826 996