Claire Lavaur

Maman de 3 enfants, Directrice cogérante d’une coopérative d’activité et d’emploi en agriculture paysanne, Accompagnement des trajectoires de vie,  Sorcière Sourcière en apprentissage, Danseuse du quotidien


Location: Lieu de vie:  Jans Loire Atlantique France


Phone: 033661853802


Danseuse du quotidien je spirale les espaces entre une vie professionnelle très dense, une vie familiale intense et une vie d’écoute et d’action sociale et collective en construction permanente.  Praticienne en sensitive gestalt massage, instructrice en massage bébé, formée en communication non violente, je tente d’exercer au quotidien une parentalité positive et bienveillante, un accompagnement de mes collègues au plus juste de la place et des savoirs faire de chacun-e. Et plus que tout je suis passionnée par le mouvement au coeur des vies et des rêves de chacun-e et je construis la base d’un accompagnement au coeur des rythmes de la nature pour permettre à celles et ceux qui rêvent de se nourrir et rayonner, porté-e par l’amour de l’univers.

Agnes Millet

Expressive Arts Therapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Cycles Weaver.


Location: Chambery, Savoy, France


Email Address:

Phone: 0033/(0) 602510770


I used to be a chemist, doing research in the chemical ecology field, about plant-plant and plant-animal communication. Now I’m more like an alchemist: accompanying people to transform their own matter, to come nearer to their deeper self.

Virginie Derobe

Mother (maman), Healer (soins énergétiques), Haptonomie →accompagnement de la maternité, Trainer (formatrice), “Craftswoman” anime des cercles dédiés au feminine, massages bien-être !


Location: Le Rheu /Rennes – France



Phone: 00 33 (0)6 86 50 85 59


Je suis une femme qui tente de vivre toutes ses facettes et de partager cela avec d’autres femmes.  Je suis sur le chemin de l’éveil de mon feminin et de ma spiritualité, je marche sur une voie amérindienne depuis longtemps, cela me porte et m’inspire pour accompagner et être qui je suis.

J’aime ouvrir les femmes à leur pouvoir et à leur force, notamment lors de la maternité avec ce que peux apporter l’haptonomie entre autres. Ma curiosité est insatiable et j’aime découvrir de nouvelles approches. J’aime rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, de nouvelles energies.

Qui vous êtes m’enrichit !  Notre diversité est une force pour chacune et chacun!


Lizzie Mackay

BSc (Hons) Midwifery

Homebirth Midwife, Mother of three, Red tent and workshop facilitator and Shamanic Craftswoman.


Location: Shropshire, England


Phone: 07398256082


Lizzie Beltane has been following an earth based spiritual path since living as an Eco activist on the Road protest movement in the early 1990’s, Dedicating her life to the work of the Goddess in 2001. Following the birth of her daughter in 2005, she was called to train in Midwifery. From contrasting experiences of pregnancy and birth she became witness to the sacred drama of birth, and the impact of this on mothering and early childhood experiences. Lizzie has been part of the red tent movement since 2011, attending, promoting and at times facilitating women circles . Completion of her Midwifery training in 2012, began a journey to learn about the spiritual aspects of birth. This culminated in graduation from the School of Shamanic Womancraft in February 2016. She is currently practicing as an independent caseloading Midwife, as well as organising events, facilitating women circles, workshops and doing one to one shamanic womancrafting sessions.

Emma Hobson

Mother of 3, Educator, Shamanic Woman Crafter, Healer, Raiser of Consciousness. Shaman, Facilitator.

Educator – Originally trained at The University of Derby, graduating with a PGC in Emotional Education.

Shamanic Womancrafter – The School of Shamanic Womancraft

Massage Therapist – Diploma in Holistic Massage, McTimoney Chiropractic College. Advanced

Clinical Massage, Jing School of Massage.
Energy Healer – Energetic Cellular Healing, TECHS


Location: Greater London and surrounding areas inc Surrey, SE Berkshire, Hertfordshire UK




I am a spiritual enquirer with over 15 years experience of working in the healing field. I draw upon a variety of proven methods to successfully promote empowerment and sovereignty of being.

Freedom is my passion. My understanding and experience of Freedom is to know myself as a multi- dimensional being, shedding feelings of perceived limitations that continually help me to soften and open into the fullness of myself. From this place I support others who wish to explore their own freedom and sovereignty.
I run a monthly Red Tent Gathering, Facilitate Workshops and provide One-to-One Sessions

Fiona Willis

Mother, Birthworker, Shiatsu Practitioner, Birthing From Within Mentor, Belly Dance Teacher, Menstrual Health and Fertility Mentor, Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Sacred Songstress, Craftswoman.


Location: Somerset, UK


Phone: 07930 100151


I have been interested in health and spirituality my whole life and have been supporting women with their health, births and new motherhood as a doula and shiatsu practitioner for over 13 years. I am also a Menstruality mentor after completing the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship with Alexandra Pope, and I hold circles for girls and young women as well as my local Red Tent. I have a love of music and mystery and am deepening into my calling as Sacred Songstress and Shamanka. My wisest teachers are my 2 daughters and I am honoured to witness their journey to womanhood.

Lara fairy love Stockbridge 

BA Hons theatre and visual performance, Mother of 2 live awesome home birthed sons Blue and Jake, 1 amazing angel baby Benjammin and Foster Mother to 2 amazing fairy foster children Charlie and Jenny , and 1 amazing foster grandchild Aaeron, Birth, Life, Death assistant, Fire Performer, Fire ceremony facilitator, Author of the Princess and the Poo stories, Workshop creator of ‘Love Birth Sex and Chocolate, UK wide and Wolvercote Red Tent Facilitator, Bubble Mistress, Pirate Fairy Queen. Apprenticed to Ina May Gaskin, Lisa Goldstien , Jan Tritten , Michel Odent, I am an assistant ! I assist people and situations that need me ! I am also a cleaner ! If it needs cleaning I can clean it ! Whatever!it is !


Location: Based in UK on a boat near Oxford, Wolvercote, also travelling around UK and Europe in our trusty fairy steed Trevor Transit!



Phone: 07791066000


I’m Lara , at 42 I can truely say that I have skills and I know how to use them!

I assist whatever needs assistance, with no harsh judgement but buckets loads of love!

I support many different people and situations in my worldwide community. With all levels of cleaning and clearing from the physical to the spiritual and all areas in between!

Life is an awesome adventure! Let’s get together and help each other to find our true soul purpose!

Mine is to be me, clear, clean , healed , loved – I’m on the mission and if anyone wants to have any of the wisdom I have a massed so far just ask and it shall be yours!

Hana Skomra

Multimedia artist. Improvisation Dancer, Performer, Creative Mover. Storyteller. Doula, Prenatal, Postnatal and Womb Yoga Teacher.


Location: Poland


Phone: +48 579 513 418


Hana is a mum of one, movement teacher, doula and birth educator. She currently lives in Europe, where she runs classes, workshops and lectures on everything birth and movement related.

Clare Warren

Vibrational Essence Practitioner, Moon Mother, Reiki Healer, Homoeopath, Menstruality Coach, Workshop Facilitator, runner of Red Tents, Shamanic Womancrafter, Keeper of the Women’s Mysteries and Earth Keeper.


Location: South West of England; Devon and often Bristol too


Email Address:

Phone: +44 7596 409354