This is a payment for the Four or Eight Seasons Journey, held in Australia.  Please read below for Terms & Conditions.

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Full Fee Payment:
$4900 + $490 GST = $5390 paid in one full payment


* By paying in full, you save $550. *



Instalment Payment:
$5400 + $540 GST = $5940 paid in four instalments over the year.


First instalment $1485.00 (inc. gst), due upon registration.

Second instalment $1485.00 (inc. gst), due 1st February, 2019.

Third instalment $1485.00 (inc. gst), due 1st May, 2019.

Fourth instalment $1485.00 (inc. gst), due 1st August, 2019.


TOTAL $5940.00





For Full Fee Payment:
Withdrawal from the course prior to, or within 2 weeks of the third gathering, will allow a refund of 50% of your Lump Sum Payment fees.


If a student is paying Full Fees and withdraws from the course prior to commencement, they will be refunded their fees less the amount of the first instalment.


For Instalment Payments:
There are NO refunds for Instalment Payments. If a student is paying by instalments and withdraws from the course prior to commencement, the 1st Instalment is non-refundable. However, it can be transferred to another course to be used within two years.





It is the student’s responsibility to pay their fees on time.


If a student is paying via instalments and withdraws, they are responsible for paying all fees that are due by the date of their withdrawal.


If you are unable to attend a gathering for any reason, you are still responsible for the full fees of the program. A make-up gathering will be created if possible.


Fees cover all accommodation, catering, materials, administration and mentoring costs at gatherings and support and mentoring during the year.


Travel costs incurred throughout the students Four or Eight Seasons Journey are their own responsibility.


Full Year, Instalment


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