"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

shamanic womancraft sessions

Are you going around and around in circles?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you aware things need to change but you’re not sure what, or how?

Are you looking and searching but can’t find the answers anywhere?

the answers are within you!

And the way of Shamanic Womancraft can help you remember how to find them.

The modality of Shamanic Womancraft sees a woman as whole, not broken, and on a journey.

Shamanic Womancraft processes help you understand and unravel your story, helping you see the patterns and cycles that have shaped your experience so far.

This understanding shows you the likely trajectories of your future, and highlights the power you have, right now, to create positive change!

your story

once you start making conscious choices,
everything changes

Shamanic Womancraft helps you reconnect with the Earth, Nature, and land, and to reclaim feminine knowledge, wisdom and power, your own nature.

Along the way, you will witness your conditioning, your unconscious behaviour, and the part you play in perpetuating your ancestral gifts and/or generational trauma.

Shamanic Womancraft uses the ancient way of the midwife ~ the Mauiutic Method ~ asking of our wounds, “how does this serve?” 

This then begins the unravelling of the influence of one’s rites of passage, ‘red thread‘ or mother line, and allows women to awaken, heal and reconnect with aspects their inner wisdom. 

your connection

explore your rites of passage

Every situation you encounter provides an opportunity to see your mindset – your beliefs, attitudes and fears – at play.

This is especially true around the time of your rites of passage:

your birth
your menarche
your first sexual experiences
your birthing experiences
(of babies, careers, projects, etc)

your menopause
your death

Your mindset is influenced by your experiences at these powerful ‘threshold’ moments, as well as your ancestral inheritance, early childhood patterning, encounters with significant figures in your life, and experiences of wounding or trauma.

your lineage

your mindset runs your life:
when you trace it to its source, healing begins

There is an urgent need for all women to “be the Women the Earth needs now.”

Our Four Seasons Journey programs (since 2010) have supported hundreds of women, around the world, to reclaim their power and bring their medicine to the world.

A crisis can bring innovation and adaptability and The School of Shamanic Womancraft has been adapting to the global pandemic by expanding our reach to women everywhere. 

We have made parts of the Four Seasons Journey into a guided online course called Earth Woman (available soon). 

And we are also very excited to be offering you one-to-one Shamanic Womancraft sessions with our Four Seasons Journey Teachers!

your community

what to expect in a Shamanic Womancraft session?

You may have a particular issue that you want to understand more deeply.

Relationships, career, parenting, family dynamics, preparing for a child, navigating change, difficult bodied experiences…

All of these are potent places in which to explore your mindset and patterns of behaviour, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future.

By bringing your loving attention to these situations, you restore your power and creative possibilities!  

heal thyself

How it works

Select a teacher (below) to learn more and book a session!

your teachers

All teachers offering Shamanic Womancraft sessions through the SSW are trained to teach the Four Seasons Journey, and have had years of experience companioning numerous women in their soulful, embodied enquiries.

Click on a smiling face to learn more about each one and to book a session!

Thanks for your interest!

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