22 – Rising Up – Eleanor – With Woman

Eleanor is a passionate midwife, eco-textile artist, budding researcher & feminist permaculture educator. She has had the privilege to work with women, families and birth for over a decade as a doula and more recently, a registered midwife. She describes herself as a life-long apprentice of the nature and her rhythms through permaculture study, sustainable off-grid living […]

21 – Fourth Trimester – Romina – In Service

Hi I’m Romi, I am the woman, Mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover and Goddess behind SoulBirth. I live and work in the beautiful Blue Mountains with my husband Dom, our son Oli and our dog Quincy. My vision in life is to support and empower women throughout all of their journeys. My aim is to […]

20 – Hold Space – Jillian – In the Birth Altar

I am local to Far North Queensland and grew up on a farm near Tully.  Cairns area has been my home for 22 years. My greatest achievements ever have been home birthing and raising 3 awesome daughters, and blending a family with my amazing partner and his children. As I have mothered my children I […]

19 – Red Thread – Jessie – Connecting to Self

Jessie is a midwife, shamanic craftswoman, educator and artist and not to forget Mother to three! Share this beautiful journey with Jessie and her experience with the Four Seasons Journey in 2017. ♥️

18 – Embody – Sarah – The Drum Journey

In 2012 Sarah Miller embarked upon her first journey to the School of Shamanic Womancraft. It resonated profoundly, and Sarah felt called to this sacred dance and drum beat. The drum making journey was one of the most potent connections, especially connecting her own birth story to that of the drum making. Also, the journey […]

17 – Blossoming – Avalon – The Sacred Feminine Way

Come journey with heart and soul of how we relate in ourselves and in relationship with others. Avalon journeyed with the school in 2011 and have weaved a beautiful blossoming of her deep work to opening the portals for women to step into and collectively uprise and find the container of transformation. This episode is a […]

16 – Held – Mara – Midwifing Transformation

Mara and I journey on this episode into how her birth experiences opened up new dimensions to sacred womancrafting. Mara is a current final year apprentice and we explore her time over the years with the school and we delve into a fantastic discussion about the word ‘midwife’ and our expectations of what that word […]

15 – Nourish – Holliea – Cycles, Trust & Intuition

Holliea talks in this podcast about taking opportunities to develop self-development and self-enquiry, with her health journey coming into immediate need, Holleigh found the school after studying Ayurveda and holistic practices. Follow the journey of tuning in with our cycles and how Holliea connected with healing the divine feminine. Musings from Holliea “This deeper work needs to be shared.” […]

14 – Hearth – Talia – Maidens and Magic

Talia asked the question after she found her self travelling for some time, what is it to be a woman? She becomes even more curious and interested, and serendipitously she found the School of Shamanic Womancraft. Here is Talia’s journey into weaving the hearth… Musings from Talia “I am a woman of this earth, and what does that […]