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31 – Connections – Laura – Heal Birth – Heal Earth

Laura – Four Seasons Journey. 2021

For this episode, we are grateful to be joined by Laura. Laura shares a story of an extended Four Seasons Journey with the opportunity to do her wilderness solo again after years of many cancellations and postponed gatherings. We share such definite connections between Laura’s own birth story, her drum-making and what arose from these experiences. Laura shares her amazing work in birth trauma and compassionate listening and how her vast history of immersing in many different cultures working as a midwife has shown her a way of space holding that is driving her passion in birth trauma and women’s work.

Here is a bit about Laura from her website: I was born and grew up in Italy. My curiosity and passion for life have taken me across the world for many years to meet many communities, elders, and women, to discover about life & birth. I worked in more than 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe to explore women’s sacred wisdom, knowledge and mysteries. I am an intuitive woman, a revolutionist, a space holder, a facilitator, a Custodian supporting women & families in reconnecting with their true essence. I guide women, in a heart-centre way, to remember their inner knowing and wisdom, connecting with the body, uncovering trauma, accompanying them in the rite(s) of passage of motherhood. I respect the sacrality of motherhood. My personal vision is to express my creativity. I am committed to my personal growth, to live my life in joyful presence & abundance, to build strong connections. I am here offering my talents to the world with honesty, integrity, compassion and love.

Musings from Laura

“I realise in the four seasons journey; I brought awareness in my journey holding space for myself and other women.” 25:45

“The Four Seasons Journey has contributed to my personal healing.” 26:30

“It was beautiful to be able to use our bodies to express our wound during the full moon gathering” 28:28

“The sense of community and the beauty of being with others in the Four Seasons Journey.” 43:00

“The Four Seasons Journey feels like answering the call .” 55:00

“The connection is so profound” 56:10

Flow with Laura

Instagram:  @heal.birth.heal.earth

Website: lauralatina.com

Thanks for your interest!

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