"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

29 – Knowing – Sonia – Red Thread Healing

Sonia – Four Seasons Journey. 2022

Sonia takes us through her calling to journey with the school after a conversation at a friend’s party with someone who had just finished her Four Seasons Journey. Sonia decided to park this for a while, yet found herself activated by this experience. A few years later, Sonia began her journey. In this episode, we hear how beautiful the healing of the red thread can go, as we hear of Sonia’s insightful story of her menarche and how this weaved in her journey and connection to her mother and the opportunities the school provided to facilitate this. At the end of this episode is Sonia’s story ‘HER’ that was read by Sonia at the closing gathering. This is best listened to with closed eyes, as it is incredible!

Musings from Sonia

“The course’s impact on my relationship with my mum has completely changed and opened up a different relationship between my mum and me.” 25:10

“The year with the school was such a compliment to what was going on with my life, and it helped me process and deal with what was going on in ways I could not ever imagine .” 35:00

“When making my drum, I felt my whole lineage coming through me helping to craft the drum.” 37.31

“You have the tools; tap into it.” 52:30

“All of us, in our own way, will take this out into the world. It’s what the world needs .” 59:00

“The school is incredible!” 59:00


Flow with Sonia


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