"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024


Undertaking the four seasons journey and receiving so many profound insights was literally a life changing experience for me. I feel as though it was a process of coming home to myself, to my heart’s deepest desires and to that place inside me that is connected and timeless. This has had so many flow on effects into my daily life and I am far more able to see and feel the Divine Feminine in all I experience. For me, this makes my life experience more meaningful and fulfilling.

What I have loved so much is that it is me doing the ‘work’, not someone else doing it for me. Jane is a wise and compassionate teacher who facilitates by offering the tools and experience for each of us to draw upon in order to determine and manifest our own transformation.

~ Jaia

The Four Seasons Journey has been deeply life-changing and life-affirming for me and my whole family.  After five years I still witness the unfolding of its magic with awe.

My deeply questing soul has found a home for the first time, a frame work for being with the sacredness of the questions, the magic of the process, rather then the focus on and evaluation of outcomes and answers.  Many answers I didn’t know I had emerged from my body, heart and soul, once I had the space and support to truly hear the questions I was asking myself.

It has been deep journey of connection to self, nature, ancestors, country and women.  A gift of a lifetime for me.

~ MariaSkye de Braganca

Thank you Jane for the amazing Four Seasons Journey that you have gifted me, and the world, with.  It is such an honour to have been in that space for a year, to have been so deeply held in this way.  It is the holding that allows us to dive into our depths, to claim our shadow, our exiled selves and to resurface intact. It is the holding that allows us to shine.

The Four Seasons Journey is a year of deep transformation, of healing and magic.  You are an incredibly powerful woman who is healed and whole enough to empower each of us to come fully into ourselves.  What a blessing!  I give great thanks for this year, and for the journey I am on, sharing as much of my learning as I can.  I encourage all women to undertake the Four Seasons Journey.

~ Sarah Miller

As an ecologist, I watch the ever shrinking wild spaces.  I understand the depths of the peril of lost wilderness.  This a world where the wilderness of woman too, is ever narrowed, sanitised, apologised away. 

The great gift of the Four Seasons Journey is that it is a rare space where wildness is allowed to grow, where the old ways of learning are remembered, where the gifts of our passages of life are honoured and where we can reclaim our wholeness.This is a space where the Wild Self may sound her call, be heard, and come home.

~ Nymh Fox

When I began the Four Seasons Journey, I was 38 weeks pregnant, and that open vulnerable space made going to an opening gathering for a yearlong course quite a daunting process. What I received from the moment I stepped out of the car was a warm hug, a beautiful smile and an instant and deep connection to a group of women who have blessed me with their love and support.

Quite simply, I feel profoundly changed after the Four Seasons Journey.  I am a clear, vibrant, authentic self, and I feel very grateful.  Jane has been the most amazing teacher that I have come across.  Wise, funny and full of love.  I am honoured to have learned so much from her and to continue to serve the school.

~ Sequoia Krop

My journey with the maiden voyage of the School of Shamanic Womancraft was a powerful time of healing, connection and remembering which deepened and informed my experience as Woman, Mother, Healer and Birth Attendant in so many ways and for which I will always feel so grateful.

A beautiful blend of rich, wise teachings held within a safe, joyous and empowering container of sisterhood.  I highly recommend this juicy work to all women seeking the path of Truth, Love and Beauty.

~ Melinda Whyman

Being in nature, sitting in circle, sharing with women, seeing, hearing and feeling parts of myself in the stories of the Women in my circle, connecting with who I am and what I am here to do.

The Four Seasons Journey was the realisation of a long held dream, something I had yearned for but never found until the school was created.  I wish every Woman the privilege of sharing in this experience.

~ Talulah Gough

We became stronger. We became safe to become more loving to ourselves and to all those that walked and crossed our paths. And we brought all this back into our families and communities.

We graduated bursting with creative force and the inner wisdom and tools to bring about shining hope for all our relations and Mother Earth.  And we had so much fun!

The Four Seasons Journey is much more than a course.  Jane‘s visionary school has become a growing global community of Women and their families, skilled in the ancient wisdoms of Mother Earth and Women’s Mysteries and the ways in which to weave all of this into the 21st century.  I give great thanks and love for being a part of this.  Thank you, Jane.  Your work is precious.

~ Joanna Dadd

When I arrived to the first weekend of the Four Seasons Journey I felt like I had arrived home.  A deep sense of peace, safety and connectedness washed over me.  Shamanic Womancraft has brought together the many facets of myself that I have struggled at times to integrate in our modern culture.

It confirmed what I already know, gave me a deep sense of trust in my own innate wisdom and gave me some incredible tools with which to spread the message to the wider community.

~ Elizabeth and Baby Delphi 

Imagine what it would feel like to meet long lost loved ones and to know that they are all a part of you.  Then mix that feeling with a bit of internal turmoil followed by amazing clarity.  Imagine sitting together in circle with sisters you’ve always longed for.  Imagine connecting with the most hidden aspects of yourself and of the web that holds us all.

Imagine crying tears of pain and joy.  Imagine the pleasure and ecstasy found in birth.  Imagine the fear and excitement of surrendering our bodies and our minds to the unknown.  Imagine living life as magic and making magic alive.  Imagine.

~ Adriana Naili

Being held in a sacred circle of non-judgment, unconditional love & acceptance while peeling back layers of woundings and discovering truths and mysteries is a gift all women should experience.

Learning why I do the things I do, how to make peace and forgive myself, and love myself unconditionally was a life-changing experience.  Rediscovering the wisdom of the cycles & how to be a Shamanic Craftswoman to myself & others is something I’m very passionate about now.  I’m thankful for Jane’s vision to facilitate such a place for learning & healing that’s so needed in today’s culture.


Thanks for your interest!

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