16 – Held – Mara – Midwifing Transformation

Mara and I journey on this eposide into how her birth expereinces opened up new dimensions to sacred womancrafting. Mara is a current final year apprectice and we explore her time over the years with the school and we devele into a fantastic discussion about the word ‘midiwfe’ and our expectations of what that word means to us in terms of growth and trnasformations.

Musings from Mara

“To come into circle was absolutely beautiful.”

“To experience with-woman.”

“I felt a sense of belonging and coming home.”

“Being of witness.”

“Creating a safe container for transformation to occur.”

“Its always been in my nature to be in service.”

“Its a journey of self-enquiry.”

“I am woman, I cycle & I am enough.”

“A journey within.”

“Once you commit energetically it all evolves.”

Flow with Mara

Instagram: @mara.dower

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