Teacher, Shamanic Midwife –  Jane Hardwicke Collings

February 2016 – February 2017

Rural Shropshire, – UK

5 Gatherings

Opening Gathering– 18th-21st February 2016 at Wildways

Full Moon Gathering– 19th-22nd May Wildways

Dark Moon Gathering– 2nd-5th of July at Wildways

Vision Quest– 3rd-11th September Spirit Horse Mountain Retreat, Wales

Closing Gathering – 9th-12th February 2017 Wildways


£3500, includes all accommodation and food (not travel costs)



Opening Gathering –  2.5 days, 2 nights

Full Moon Gathering –  2.5 days, 2 nights

Dark Moon Gathering – 2.5 days, 2 nights

Vision Quest – 7 days and 7 nights, 2 nights

Vision Quest Debrief Gathering – 2 nights, 2 days

Closing Gathering – 2.5 days, 2 nights

Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy Workshops (minimum 2) – 1 day*

Moonsong Workshops (minimum 2) – 1 day*

6 Course Work Modules – homestudy reading and preparation exercises to be completed prior to each 4SJ gathering.

*Workshop Attendance Requirements fulfilled by attending 2 Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy Workshops and 2 Moonsong workshops prior to graduation from the 4SJ progam

Possible and optional:

The Deepening Program


The SSM will midwife each student:

To make a drum.

To understand and work with the drum.

To learn ceremonial and ritual practice fundamentals.

To access one’s guides, teachers, power animals.

To understand inner and outer Goddess energy and the ‘many faces of the Goddess’.

To understand Earth energies and practice as an Earth Priestess.

To understand the menstrual cycle and life seasons.

To understand and work with the Lunar Cycle.

To participate in a Vision Quest

To understand and work with dreams.

To pursue an understanding of the science of spirituality.

To understand and work with the body-mind (body as mirror of mindset).The importance of nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation etc

To understand the history/herstory of women, midwifery, shamanism, various traditional cultures.

To understand the myths and legends that affect and influence us that we live and play out.

To understand and work with archetypal energies, the collective unconscious.

To gain an awareness of the realms, other than the physical, that influence birth outcomes.

To be able to help women have their potential/possible birth experience (what their mindset enables).

To help women deal with particular beliefs and attitudes (mindsets) that will choreograph specific birth experiences.

To help women address whatever comes up emotionally and psychologically for them, as pregnancy and birth are one of those times in your life when you can have escalated growth through dealing with what arises.

To be able to serve their community as Earth Priestess – teaching and conducting ceremonies, rites of passage etc and to serve their community as midwife – conducting maiden’s and women’s circles, and serving as mentor.

To teach the skills and tools for the practice of Shamanic Midwifery.


That each student find within the ‘work’ the aspect or part that appeals to her so that she can develop this and teach/facilitate this in her community.


For Four Seasons Journey registration and enquiries contact
Melinda Whyman