"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

10 – Wild Feminine – Anki – I See You In There

This episode we are fully present and blessed with Anki. This explores te depths of her journey with the SSW back in 2012 when she to become a homebirth midwife for the first time. We navigate her loving journey into the amazing offerings that she now brings in Sacred Feminine and Journey of the Wild Womb. Anki talks about the depths of our healing and really how we can get out of the way and trust in the process of this work.

Musings from Anki

“I found during my journey I was not alone, there is a huge support network out there of like minded people.”

“The first gathering while driving there I felt I was about to start something really big, my heart was open.”

“Allowing myself to be honest and real on where I am at.”

“Its a constant co-creation.”

“Life is always giving us challenges and opportunities to journey deep.”

“Coming back to such deep trust into the process.”

“We are nature.”

“How can we bring ritual into daily life?”

“I love working with those in a way to really bring through their medicine and unique gifts as a woman.”

“Tracking our cycles is the ultimate tool to self discovery.”

Flow with Anki 

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