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9 – Firekeeper – Mel – Earth Connection

Dive into the world of connection with this light and whimsical tale of Mel’s journey in the Four Seasons in Victoria, Australia. Mel talks deeply about the importance of connection for ALL ages, we delve into the drum making process and how that showed up for her own birth story, and we then talk about identifying as Queer and how once this was revered in culture and how this is growing in its fullness for Mel and the amazing work she does.

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Musings from Mel

“There was belonging.”

“I learned through everyone’s stories and experiences.”

“All of these people and their stories, that are told straight from their heart.”

“I have deep connections with trees.”

“The school created an incredible, deep, powerful space.”

“I believe we need to reconnect with ancient land-based ways of being for future generations.”

“Tap into your fear as your intuition.”

“That experience of connection and being in circle. ”

Flow with Mel 

web: http://www.firekeepers.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearethefirekeepers

Vimeo Video: www.vimeo.com/282616461

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