"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

26 – Connected- Anne – Sacred Business

Anne – Four Seasons Journey. 2018

Anne uses the creative practice of process to explore and learn from the world that surrounds her. Working with plants and place, she uses her sense of curiosity to investigate how knowledge can be embodied through the senses, and translated into bodies of work that can be shared with her audience. The intentional transference of knowledge is to inspire others to understand and explore the sacred of the everyday.

Originally growing up in Australian Regional towns, as a small child Anne spent a few years living on a remote Island in Arnhem land with her family. During this time, she experienced what it was to be the ‘other’ and how culture, art and place are all part of everyday life. How the sacred holds the cycles of life and creates space and containers for these cycles to occur.

The process Anne uses includes Natural Dye, Ink, Mark Making, Sensory Mapping, Weaving, Object making, Performance and Installations. She also uses the more than human world of intuition, deep listening and responding to elements and knowledge that is part of our internal and external landscapes to reach a deeper understanding of self.


Musings from Anne

“Through watching and being, I realised it’s part of the journey to step into uncomfortable spaces.”

“It was so beautiful and so empowering to stand there on that mountain and reclaiming parts that have been a shame, hidden and unacknowledged.”

“Using the natural world around you to move and shift.”

“How am I going to serve my highest self, my family, community, and my soul so I can have the right relationship with people.”

“Wilderness solo was a gentle and beautiful experience, being held by the land.”

“I’m so much more productive when I honour the cycles.”

Flow with Anne

Website: https://anneh.com.au

Instagram: @anne_harris_artist

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