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enrol now >> Four seasons journey 2025 >>

enrol now >> Four seasons journey 2025 >>

27 – Lineage – Arahni – Inner Voice Deep Within

Arahni – Four Seasons Journey. 2014

Arahni attended her first Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshop in 2009. From there, Arahni joined in 2013, which was once called ‘The School of Shamanic Midwifery’. A beautiful insight into Arahni’s growth over the ten years to now as a teacher of the South Coast Four Season Journey.

Musings from Arahni

“It was as if the Fours Seasons Journey was set up so I could do the inner deep deep transformational work, at this point in my life where it was actually a life line for me.”

“I had found it and it had found me, it was perfect timing.”

“On my first gathering, it felt like I was already welcomed there.”

“In birthing my drum, I felt I was birthing a new aspect of myself.”

“Everything was done with such a natural way of being.”

“Wilderness solo was a once-in-a-lifetime deeply transformational time for me.”

“In each of us lies our own innate knowing and way of being in the world that serves us and serves the world.”

“Deep presence with the present.”

“As women, we travel through the blood mysteries together.”

Flow with Arahni

Instagram: @arahni.lion

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