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28 – Portal – Emilie – Birth as the Guide

Emilie – Four Seasons Journey. 2012

Emilie attended her first Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy back in 2010, when it used to be run as a three-day workshop. She gained so much foundation during her pregnancy to help Emilie have the birth she felt she needed to have and a connection to the baby. From there, Emilie entered the Four Seasons Journey… This podcast aligns with the beautiful nature of birth and transformation, and Emilie shares interesting lessons about what comes up for her during her birth experiences.

Musings from Emilie

“It was a big initiation.” 29:51

“I believe now we meet our fears; we meet what echos deep stories in us; I found in my birth I could move through my story.” 32:05

“Allowing my journey to unfold, and I needed the time.” 39.47

“There is spirit in birth.” 41:38

“My relationship with my drum was not immediate; it needed time for bonding .” 51:00

“Witnessing people making their own drums felt empowering for myself and the women.” 54:18

“It felt liberation knowing we can create our own tools for our own inner journey.” 54:18

“Applying all I learned in the Four Seasons Journey into my birth.” 1:00:00

“I’m definitely not the same woman as I was when I first walked into Janes’s workshop 12 years ago!” 1:08:52

“Its the time of your life to do it!” 1:12:32

Flow with Emilie

Instagram: @wombconnect

Website: https://wombconnect.com.au/

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