"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

7 – Lunar – Grace – Importance of Honouring our Rhythms

Grace brings the podcast a real insight into our cycles and patterns and how important is our deep work for the healing feminine. Grace Journeyed in 2013 with the school and is now teaching. We will hear in this podcast a woven tale of our awakening and honouring of self. Ever had that feeling of a deep calling yet you don’t know what it even looks like yet? We explore this calling, rhythms and feeling cyclic. And of course hear about Grace’s experiences of journeying and teaching with the SSW.


Musings from Grace Funk

“The wisdom of the cycles.”

“What are the opportunities of this moment?”

“I was being deeply called to journey with the SSW in ways that I could hardly articulate.”

“I could be fully myself here and that was acceptable.”

“I have to constantly bring consciousness to my intention to move towards, to share my experiences and be vulnerable.”

“Im struck by this sense of cyclical living.”

“The nature of life, to revisit.”

“The work always comes back to me.”

“We are journeying together deeply informed by each others stories.”

“In my experience teaching with the School of Shamanic Womancraft I have developed a very robust trust in the shape of the program and what it invites to people.”

“The women are changing me and helping me become.”

“The school as an organism is calling the resources and people so it can expand and become what it needs to be.”

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