8 – Reclamation – Tamar – Unlocking Greatness

Tamar comes to us from her experience journeying with the school in the UK. Currently, she weaves her magic in France, and this episode connects with her birth story and how this process comes up for her in her four seasons journey. Tamar joined with the drum making process and felt so deeply into the messages and healing from this. Tamar is teaching feminine embodiment and ways in that we can find our inner greatness. We talk about her work in coming back into our body, owning our body and how intimacy flows from there. Here is an excerpt that I love form Tamar’s website…

Accepting all of ourselves without shame is honouring of our truth. It is fully embodying yourself as a sovereign, autonomous woman. It is an integration and it is a process. Feminine embodiment is a perfect tool for any woman ready to awaken to all that she is and when she awakens to this truth then everything else in life falls into place. More aligned work, doing better in business, extraordinary love, sex and relationships… it all starts with owning and loving all that we are, first. It begins here and all else will follow lie bees to honey.


Musings from Tamar

And I said ‘yes, that’s exactly what I want’.

“I needed to come back into trusting my own body.”

“I feel there is such a great need for women to come back into the feminine wisdom.”

“I felt the deep connections of sisterhood.”

“I felt held.”

“Our vision quest near Wales was quite magical.”

“Every little thing on this journey is huge and sacred when we hold this; every part becomes a lesson.”

“We work so much, and we are so focused, if we can do just one thing every hour that we can find pleasure in, we can change our whole day.”

“Learning to come back and own my body.”

“When we experience pleasure and allow our selves to be present our life changes.”

“I needed to have that experience in my body.”

“Reclamation of self.”

Flow with Tamar 

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