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3 – Balance – Joey – Integrative Medicine and Sensory Challenges

This episode opens up to Joey’s journey in the Four Seasons Journey (4SJ) and how this engaged her to further expand the amazing work she does with vestibular audiology, yoga, mindfulness and neuroplasticity!

Joey is a powerhouse woman who is giving back and in this podcast we explore how the 4SJ gifted her insight into the feminine model of healing.  Joey talks about how this has emanated to her clients and sees the self-respect and kindness they find when they start to listen to their bodies in a more intuitive way.

As the theme of balance runs through this podcast Joey talks also about how this has integrated in her brother’s healing.  After a skiing accident, Joey became a main caregiver and we talk about how her brother sees his life as being enriched because of this.

Joey and I also explored challenges of uncertainties and life/death/life processes.

Musings from Joey

“Joining the womens circle brought up a similarity to surfing. There was a fear of showing up yet I knew it would be nourishing, just like challenging the waves.”

“The feminine model of healing says that everybody has a role to play.”

“I try to help my clients recognise that they are the expert in their selves.”

“Reading our body in a way thats based in unconditional love and tuning into the wisdom rather than the fear.”

“I believe in oneness and that we are all connected.”

Find Joey @ – seekingbalance.com.au

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