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4 – Triple Spiral – Cailleach – Myth and Psychodrama

This exploration opens us up to Cailleach Howard from Triple Spiral Womancraft   We talk about how her life shapes in the energetic Blue Mountains, Sydney NSW. The podcast looks at Cailleach’s growth from the corporate world to phycology, psychodrama and the gifted work she currently does now with women coming into the 4SJ of The School of Shamanic Womancraft. Cailleach has many passions (including trees), and is most passionate about the women’s mysteries and the power of the divine feminine when the women gather.

Musings from Cailleach

“I recognised the essence of power as a woman when I grew the seed of respect for my body .”

“People when they get embodied can access so much more in their inner world.”

“This is the work that I was made to do, bringing the skills throughout all my life to the present.”

“If the calling to join the 4SJ is coming from a place of trust then follow that place.”

“I have a strong commitment to integrity.”

Find Cailleach @ – www.triplespiral.net 

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