"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

"becoming a Woman" ~ facilitator training April 2024

Shamanic Dimensions
of Pregnancy

Become conscious of how you were born and how this imprint affects every creative effort you undertake…

What is Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy?

This is a one-day workshop for women who are PREGNANT or planning to be, for BIRTHWORKERS and birth keepers, and for people BIRTHING THEMSELVES & their lives in whatever form!

How do you birth? 
What is your Birth Story?

This workshop will help you:


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Why birth?

Birth is our first Rite of Passage, and initiates us into our Self. It is the start of our life cycle, and therefore influences how we are in the world, every moment of every day.

So, how we choose to birth our children is of vital importance, a sacred experience that will influence the rest of their lives, and our own.

In this Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshop, we reclaim Birth in all its forms, as the Rite of Passage into Motherhood: the moment when we step into our full creatrix power.

Whether you are birthing a human baby or supporting those who are, whether you are birthing a new version of yourself, a project or career or work of art, this workshop will help you understand your generative, birthing process as not just a physical transformation, but an emotional and spiritual one, as well.

In this workshop, we learn from each other’s stories, reframing birth as a normal, natural and healthy process in which we can trust.

By bringing consciousness to the birth process – our own and those of our children – we deepen our understanding of ourselves. We look for these themes and patterns playing out in our lives, and from this position of awareness, we have the opportunity to reframe our experience and learn the lessons we need to learn in order to empower ourselves in the future.

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