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7 – Lunar – Grace – Importance of Honouring our Rhythms

Grace brings the podcast a real insight into our cycles and patterns and how important is our deep work for the healing feminine. Grace Journeyed in 2013 with the school and is now teaching. We will hear in this podcast a woven tale of our awakening and honouring of self. Ever had that feeling of a deep calling yet you don’t know what it even looks like yet? We explore this calling, rhythms and feeling cyclic. And of course hear about Grace’s experiences of journeying and teaching with the SSW.


Musings from Grace Funk

“The wisdom of the cycles.”

“What are the opportunities of this moment?”

“I was being deeply called to journey with the SSW in ways that I could hardly articulate.”

“I could be fully myself here and that was acceptable.”

“I have to constantly bring consciousness to my intention to move towards, to share my experiences and be vulnerable.”

“Im struck by this sense of cyclical living.”

“The nature of life, to revisit.”

“The work always comes back to me.”

“We are journeying together deeply informed by each others stories.”

“In my experience teaching with the School of Shamanic Womancraft I have developed a very robust trust in the shape of the program and what it invites to people.”

“The women are changing me and helping me become.”

“The school as an organism is calling the resources and people so it can expand and become what it needs to be.”

Find Grace 

web: https://priestessyourlife.com

instagram @priestessyourlife 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/PriestessYourLife/

6 – Priestess – Julie – Inherent Beauty & Women in Business

We found a modern day priestess for this absolutely insightful podcast. Julie Parker journeyed with the school in 2017, she come into this with absolutely a strong pull to follow this instinct after having nightmarish dreams that were telling her that she needs to wake up and go back to the work that will wholly serve her as being what she is now, a modern day priestess, business woman, author and life coach. We explore how her success in life and business has come from a place of truly showing up to undoubtedly develop a deep relationship with self and others around her. This is great to listen to for all you biz women out there!

Musings from Julie Parker

“You need to go back to her.”

“The sense of achievement at the end of the 4SJ, I was so proud of myself!”

“Even though at times it was physically painful and difficult, it was SO worth it.”

“The whole experience with the school was very much one that brought ancestral and inner child learning to the surface.”

“Looking back and being reverent about who and where I have come from.”

“Uncovering us as women and cyclic creatures.”

“One of the most wonderful things about my experience with the school was looking at significant life events and seeing how they show up in my life now as an adult woman.”

“The School of Shamanic Womancraft positively impacted my business by allowing myself to develop a sense of sovereignty, confidence and self-belief.”

“Journeying with the School of Shamanic Womancraft was the greatest personal development journey I have ever been on.”

“I really know that my time with the SSW is something that is going to continue to reverberate with me for life.”

“I was not the same woman at the end of my journey as I was when I started, I was so much more myself.”

“I come home to myself.”

“The school provides an incredible container to develop deep, extraordinary and beautiful bonds with other women that you can then reflect on and develop as a deeper relationship with your self.”

Find Julie Parker @ 

web: https://juliesuzanneparker.com

instagram: @julesyparker

FB: Julie Parker

Podcast: Priestess Podcast

5 – Blood – Sequoia – Safety & Connection

Sequoia brings us an insightful podcast. We explore her deep calling to do this work and how she come into her first journey with the SSW back in 2010, then she was pregnant and we learn fro Sequoia how she got held over this year in pregnancy, birth and postpartum…. We dived into safety and how ‘showing up’ is the process of finding deeply held safety. How can we show up? How can we let the circle hold us? Sequoia guides us gracefully into what a journey with the SSW can enrich our lives with. We hold space and talk about the importance, now more than ever of honouring our bleed time, blood rituals and also doing what works for you…

Musings from Sequoia


“The circle is always there.”

“I dedicate my life to serving the goddess and follow that path.”

“The circle needs a collective to exist so we create that energy and magic.”

“It can be so scary for so many women to show up because our wounding is around the feminine.”

“I have such awe to women that show up and share their wounding.”

“The magic can flow when you feel safe.”

“Your blood is special, magical and a potent substance.”

“The third day of your blood time is your vision quest.”

“Imagine if every woman who was bleeding was giving this back to the earth.”

“The women that I have met over the years sitting in these circles is incredible!”

Find Sequoia @ – 

web: withinwoman.com.au

instagram: withinwoman

FB: @withinwoman