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apprenticeship program

The School of Shamanic Womancraft (SSW) Apprenticeship Program nurtures and grows the new leaders of the new paradigm that holds at its heart a sense of inner authority and inner power for all involved.

The Apprentice is a woman, a graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft Four or Eight Seasons Journey (4/8SJ), awake to the transformational potential of the inner shamanic journey inherent in the ongoing cycle of everything. 

She is able and prepared to ‘hold the space’ for others, and able and prepared to delve deeply for herself. 

The Apprentice holds the community of women united for this purpose fulfilling her role as required.

The Apprentice Program is intended to contribute to the missions of ‘spreading the word’, ‘raising consciousness’ and to participate in the healing of the feminine.

Each Apprentice needs to practice and develop an experiential understanding of this Shamanic Womancraft ‘way’ in their daily life, especially the wisdom of the cycles, honouring the sabbats and lunar phases, in order to be a living example of the work.

Graduate Programs

Earth Woman Online (EW)

Open to all women, and offered as a solo experience or as a 1:1 mentored process with a Four Seasons Journey Teacher.  

There is also the possibility of having a custom group set up, of graduates who would like to go deeper together. 

Four Seasons Journey Return (4SJ)

Open to graduates of the 4/8SJ and EW who want to return and be in circle again, to go deeper with their inner spiritual work. 

This option enables you to enrol in the 4SJ at the discounted early bird price and go through the year as a journey woman.


Open to graduates of the 4/8SJ or EW who wish to become certified Shamanic Womancraft Practitioners and focus their work on practicing the shamanic womancraft modality through 1:1 sessions.

This program is teacher-guided and by application only.

Shamanic Womancraft Apprentice Program (SWAP)

Open to graduates of the 4/8SJ who want to deepen their skills and experience through being in service at a 4SJ with a view to continue with the Teacher Training Program or to gain the skills to facilitate your own programs.

Shamanic Womancraft Teacher Training Program (SWTT)

Open to graduates of the 4/8SJ who want to learn facilitation skills in general, and how to teach the 4SJ in particular, with a view to becoming a SSW teacher, or gain the skills to facilitate your own programs.

Workshop Apprentice Program (WAP)

For graduates of the 4/8SJ, EW or Earth Woman Rising retreat who want to learn how to facilitate the one-day workshops (Moonsong, Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy, Autumn Woman, Harvest Queen) on behalf of SSW or learn these skills for your own work.

This program is teacher-guided and by application only.


Each graduate program has a comprehensive curriculum designed to support the Apprentice to gain the skills required to run programs and deepen their inner knowing of the art of Shamanic Womancraft.


The Apprentice program and the teacher training program are open to all 4/8SJ graduates who wish to learn how to become teachers of the 4/8SJ or wish to study the material and gain the skills required to birth their own work.

Praxis and the Workshop Apprenticeship are also open to graduates of Earth Woman with a teacher and the Earth Woman Rising retreat, by application.  

Applicants will undertake an innerview where their previous skills, knowledge and goals for the future will be discussed. 

In some situations we recommend an integration year between completing your 4/8SJ as a journey woman and beginning an Apprenticeship with the SSW.


Once an Apprenticeship Program has been completed, you will be listed on the School of Shamanic Womancraft website as a graduate of this program.

There are multiple opportunities for Teachers to teach new and emerging programs with the SSW including:

Four/Eight Seasons journey

If an in-person teaching position is available within the School, you may have the opportunity to work for the SSW. New Four and Eight Seasons Journey programs are created in line with the larger vision of the expansion of the School and not all locations will be considered for future courses.


To be an Earth Woman Online Teacher, Teachers must engage in a practice mentoring session with a peer and then attend practice sessions with JHC to ensure they are skilled and prepared for holding 1:1 sessions online.  


To hold a SWR, Teachers must attend a SWR, at their own cost, in order to experience and understand the unique flow of the five-day or seven-day program.

1:1 shamanic womancraft sessions

Teachers must engage in a teacher-specific version of Praxis to ensure they are skilled and prepared for holding 1:1 or small group sessions online. Apprentices who wish to upgrade their skills and work 1:1 with people are encouraged to join Praxis, to become a certified Shamanic Womancraft Practitioner.

Program Requirements

A full and detailed description of the requirements or each Apprentice pathway are found in the Prospectus.  Please download it and direct any questions to Arahni Lion (contact details listed in prospectus).


You are invited to apprentice with 4SJs in these locations:

starting Feb 2024

starting Feb 2024

starting Mar 2024

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Your Investment


$5000 for the year

(includes a $500 discount for paying upfront in full; includes gst)


$460 monthly for 12 months

(includes gst)

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