18 – Embody – Sarah – The Drum Journey

In 2012 Sarah Miller embarked upon her first journey to the School of Shamanic Womancraft. It resonated profoundly, and Sarah felt called to this sacred dance and drum beat. The drum making journey was one of the most potent connections, especially connecting her own birth story to that of the drum making. Also, the journey of Lilith sparked even further Sarah’s deep interest in the mythopoetic world.

Sarah’s growth was developing into the Four Seasons Journey she developed such a depth of connection to herself and the embodiment of her current practices as a now a co-teacher of the Otways Fours Seasons Journey and Moonsong workshops.

Dance, ritual, and finding that inner voice are all that revealed in this wonderful podcast. Enjoy 🤎

Musings from Sarah

“It was one of those moments that was such a big yes.”

“Weaving in the container of safety.”

“My relationship with my drum has been a very healing one.”

“How we can show up for this and the magic of this work.”

“To hear what story has been birthed in the process of birthing a drum.”

“I’m here to hold tenderly and lovingly sacred space.”

“We can send our prayers out to the world via sound.”

“Sound creates form and form can be healing and love.”

“The journey with the dark goddess was probably one of the most potent experiences of the whole journey.”

“I come to the nothingness and the everythingness!”

“It was deep interconnection.”

“Children are great teachers.”

“There is so much beauty every day and in every way in this world.”

“Listen and respond to that inner voice.”

Flow with Sarah

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