31 – Connections – Laura – Heal Birth – Heal Earth

Laura – Four Seasons Journey. 2021 For this episode, we are grateful to be joined by Laura. Laura shares a story of an extended Four Seasons Journey with the opportunity to do her wilderness solo again after years of many cancellations and postponed gatherings. We share such definite connections between Laura’s own birth story, her […]

30 – Open – Laura Jayne – Wilderness Within

Laura Jayne – Four Seasons Journey. 2022 Laura Jayne shares the insightful and loving story of her Four Seasons Journey, which actually spanned over 11 seasons! We talk about the support of the school during that time with online Zoom connections monthly with her sisters,  as well as getting the chance to journey again in […]

29 – Knowing – Sonia – Red Thread Healing

Sonia – Four Seasons Journey. 2022 Sonia takes us through her calling to journey with the school after a conversation at a friend’s party with someone who had just finished her Four Seasons Journey. Sonia decided to park this for a while, yet found herself activated by this experience. A few years later, Sonia began […]

28 – Portal – Emilie – Birth as the Guide

Emilie – Four Seasons Journey. 2012 Emilie attended her first Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy back in 2010, when it used to be run as a three-day workshop. She gained so much foundation during her pregnancy to help Emilie have the birth she felt she needed to have and a connection to the baby. From there, […]

27 – Lineage – Arahni – Inner Voice Deep Within

Arahni – Four Seasons Journey. 2014 Arahni attended her first Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshop in 2009. From there, Arahni joined in 2013, which was once called ‘The School of Shamanic Midwifery’. A beautiful insight into Arahni’s growth over the ten years to now as a teacher of the South Coast Four Season Journey. Musings […]

26 – Connected- Anne – Sacred Business

Anne – Four Seasons Journey. 2018 Anne uses the creative practice of process to explore and learn from the world that surrounds her. Working with plants and place, she uses her sense of curiosity to investigate how knowledge can be embodied through the senses, and translated into bodies of work that can be shared with […]

25 – Vision Seed – Susan – Erotic Experience

Susan – Four Seasons Journey. Travelling Mermaids! 2010.     Musings from Susan “Feeling this deep sense of landing and being with exactly the right people I needed to be with.” “There is a fierce independence I feel when I connect with my power animal, Lioness.” “The polarities and paradox of menopause.” “The vision was […]

24 – Being Witnessed – Kirrilee – The Healing Path

Kirrilee – Four Seasons Journey – Blue Mountains 2019       Musings from Kirrilee “I felt the Four Seasons Journey would be such a strong container to not get away from facing myself” “I felt intuitively the Four Seasons was going to give me all I needed.” “There was a real gentleness about my […]

23 – Womb Awakening – Akhalita – New Story

Akhalita Makoto Vision Mother I am passionate about reclaiming the sacred depths of what it is to be human. I believe a profound shift in consciousness, and therefore healing, is possible in these times of great crisis. The Amazonian Arts offers us a New Story of renewal from the Ancient Ways. I bring my background of […]