Jane Hardwicke Collings (NSW)
Kristan Lee Read (TAS)
Nymh Fox Harper (VIC)
Sequoia Krop (NSW)
Grace Funk (CANADA)
Ishwari Shead (NSW)
Cailleach Howard (NSW)
Char Hill (NSW)
Talia Levy (NSW)


Jane Hardwicke Collings (NSW)
Sarah Miller (VIC)
Melinda Whyman (VIC)
Liz Maloney (VIC)
Kerri Alenka Merrall (NSW)
Laura Howard (NSW)
Melissa Cook (NSW)
Evonne Wylie (VIC)
Sequoia Krop (NSW)
Kristan Lee Read (TAS)
Brittany Bowler (NSW)
Grace Funk (CANADA)


Jane Hardwicke Collings (NSW)
Lee-Yoni Cytheria Miakoda (QLD)
Melinda Whyman (VIC)
Liz Maloney (VIC)
Laura Howard (NSW)
Kristan Lee Read (TAS)
Marie Louise Lapeyre (VIC)
Evonne Wylie (VIC)
Sequoia Krop (NSW)
Grace Funk (CANADA)


Jane Hardwicke Collings (NSW)
Marie-Louise Lapeyre (VIC)
Ishwari Shead (NSW)


Jane Hardwicke Collings


Location: New South Wales, Australia

Available to teach interstate and internationally







Email: jane@schoolofshamanicwomancraft.com


Instagram: @janehardwickecollings

Founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft


Teacher of Four Seasons Journey, Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy, Moonsong, Becoming – A Woman, Autumn Woman Harvest Queen


My interest in bringing and offering this information is to help how I can in healing the wounded feminine and the wounded masculine of our patriarchal culture. My mission is to help women reclaim feminine knowledge and wisdom, to help heal birth, menarche, menstruation, menopause and death, for all my relations.

I represent three lineages:

Home birth Midwifery –  ancient wise woman practices passed down the generations that I learned from Maggie Lecky Thompson (Australia).


EarthSong (Boulder, Colorado, USA) Shamanic Teachings and Practices – that I learned from James Harvey (AKA BlackBear) and Cedar Barstow.


Shamanic Midwifery – the teachings and insights of the Late Jeannine Parvati Baker (USA).


Kristan Lee Read


Location: Tasmania, Australia

Available to teach interstate and internationally


Website: weharvestvision.com


Email: info@weharvestvision.com


Phone Number: +61 4 2882 6996


Nymh Fox Harper


Location: Surf Coast, Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Website: waysofthewild.com


Email: nymh_harper@yahoo.com


Instagram: @waysofthewild

Shamanic Ecologist. Mother. Woman of Wild Belonging. Dark Moon born and reclusive by nature. A lifelong journeyer of Wild places.

Re-membering our Wild deeply connected selves. Our Indigenous Belonging and Being Within the Living Earth.

Waking again to the Wild wonder of this magnificent World… Child-eyed, re-enchanted, poetic, embodied. Listening to the Language of the World. Seeing the quiet things. Singing the old songs… and Being sung.

Rewilding the Feminine… Woven together with All in a Blessed entanglement of co-becoming.


Sequoia Krop


Location: Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales, Australia

Available to teach interstate and internationally


Website: withinwoman.com.au


Email: sequoia@withinwoman.com.au


Instagram: @withinwoman


Phone: +61 4 0443 3228

I work in service to women and the Goddess.


As a teacher of Becoming, I hold space for girls on the cusp of womanhood, and their mothers, so they can have this rite of passage supported, held with joy.


As mother to both a son and daughter, I know the importance of supporting them through their rites of passage in a healed way. Becoming – A Woman workshops are a way for mothers to support their daughters to womanhood from a healed place. It is so wonderful to witness the love and connection of mothers and daughters sitting together in circle.

As a Teacher of the Four Seasons Journey, Moonsong, Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy, and Becoming – A Woman workshops, I bring my presence and skills to witnessing and supporting transformation.


I also run workshops, red tents and presented rituals and workshops at conferences and festivals and am dedicated to the sisterhood.


Grace Funk


Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Available to teach interstate and internationally


Website: priestessyourlife.com


Instagram: @priestessyourlife

Grace is passionate about reclaiming our experience as embodied and sacred, and creating safety in community – essentially restoring the sisterhood by ‘having each other’s backs’ as women.

She loves astrology, cycles, patterns and meaning-making!  Grace has three clever children, aged 14, 11 and 9 and a degree in Theology.


Ishwari Shead


Mother, Grandmother, Womb Priestess and Shamanic Womancrafter


Location: Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia


Website: thealchemyoflove.com.au


Email: catherineishwarishead@gmail.com


Instagram: @the_alchemy_of_love


Phone: +61 4 3113 8526

Facilitator of rites of passage, Womb Awakening and Sacred Union, Women’s Circles and Temple, Labyrinth walks, Birth Into Being Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression and Soul Journeying with the Divine Feminine through planets/asteroids in the astrology medicine wheel. Ishwari is a transformational coach in Conscious Uncoupling and Calling In the One.

Her passion is for women (and men) to experience their ecstatic birthright and full potential. We are living in epic times of awakening.  Be the change you want to see.


Cailleach Howard


Mother, Grandmother, Occupational Therapist, Psychodramatist


Location: Blue Mountains & Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Website: triplespiral.net


Email: taramoher@gmail.com


Instagram: @katherinecailleach


Phone: +61 4 1056 1032

Cailleach has a wealth of experience as a therapist – working with individuals, couples and groups. She has expertise in physical and psychological injury, pain and trauma rehabilitation. The focus of her work now is to combine Shamanic Womancrafting with Psychodrama.

She offers counselling online (Skype) and face-to-face. She runs groups and sacred journeys. Ireland and Glastonbury are the spirit homes that call her – the places of her ‘red thread’ lineage.


Melinda Whyman


Birthkeeper, Menstrual Health Educator, Homeopath


Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Available to teach interstate and internationally


Email: mummamel@gmail.com


Phone: +61 4 1425 8490

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion and interest in women’s health and spirituality. I was blessed to sit in my first women’s circle at the age of 18 and many years and circles later I still feel inspired and deeply connected to the Feminine way.


My initiations as Mother through the pregnancies and births of my 4 children were profound spiritual awakenings, which continue to inform my life and work in many beautiful and powerful ways.


I am honoured to have received teachings from some of the wise women elders of the menstrual, fertility awareness and birthing worlds – Francesca Naish, Alexandra Pope, Jane Bennett and Jane Hardwicke Collings.

I have been a Birthkeeper (Doula) since 2000, working with pregnant women and their families through labour, birth and postpartum in both home and hospital settings.


I also have experience in supporting women through womb loss journeys of miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion.


As a menstrual educator, I offer teaching programs and circles for pre-menarche girls, teenagers and adult women exploring menarche, menstruation, natural fertility awareness and sexuality.


Laura Howard


Doula, Traditional Birth Worker, Shamanic Guide and Facilitator, Homebirth Mother,
Sacred Circle Facilitator, Breathwork (Breath of Bliss) Facilitator


Location: Northern New South Wales, Australia

Available to teach interstate and internationally


Email: birthingwings@gmail.com


Phone: +61 4 2888 8838

Laura is devoted to empowering woman to reclaim, to remember the wisdom within.. that which is inherent within each of us… supporting women to create their experiences of all their ‘Rites of Passage’  to be healthy, powerful and transformational ones…  She supports families through pregnancy, birth and beyond… Honouring the sacred space of birth, and the sacred journey of each woman’s unique passage into motherhood…

Laura has also studied Quantum Midwifery through the Matrona in the USA and brings much of this wisdom to spaces that she holds. She facilitates the Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy and Moonsong workshops, and facilitates Womens Mysteries retreats. She is also a Breathwork facilitator (Breath of Bliss).


Liz Maloney


Midwife, Nurse, Pregnancy and Birth Educator, Mother


Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Email: leopardliz74@gmail.com

I have a passion for the journey of woman through pregnancy, birth and mothering. I enjoy sharing all that I have learnt through my years of experience as a midwife, emergency and oncology nurse, mother and personal shamanic journeying. I love the colourful journey and adventure of life.


Sarah Miller


Location: Carnegie, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Available to teach interstate and internationally


Website: embodimentsdance.com.au


Email: embodiments@tpg.com.au


Instagram: @embodiments_dance


Phone: +61 4 3514 0148

Sarah holds sacred space for women to reconnect to the women’s mysteries. She is a teacher of MoonSong workshops, which facilitate and support women to deepen their knowledge of the spiritual dimensions of our menstrual and life cycles, and the correlation between these cycles and the greater cosmic cycles of life/death/life (earth seasons/moon phases etc.)

Sarah brings her love of story telling and dance to her teaching, so that women have an active and embodied experience of this learning and remembering.

Sarah holds seasonal dance celebrations, monthly meetings in the Temple of She! and facilitates MoonSong workshops. Stories, drumming and sacred circles are important aspects of her work. She is also initiating a MoonDance workshop to ground the MoonSong teachings in our bodies and being.


Gypsy Artemis


Location: Ettalong Beach, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Available to teach interstate in Australia


Website: sacredhunger.com.au


Email: gypsy@sacredhunger.com.au


Phone: +61 4 0650 2715

Gypsy’s core work focusses on revisiting, honouring and/or reclaiming rites of passage, such as pregnancy, birth and menarche. Gypsy has delivered menarche healing & reclaiming workshops at various festivals in both NSW and Victoria. She feels this is the first step to truly healing & preparing for welcoming our Maidens to Womanhood.


Hope Ryan


Location: Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia

Available to teach in NSW locations by arrangement


Website: blossomings.com.au


Email: hope@blossomings.com.au


Instagram: @hope_wildlove


Phone: +61 4 3800 5995

Jules Ryan is Mother to three and Sister to many.

Having awoken to the powerful and intuitive nature of Women’s bodies during her first pregnancy in 2006, Jules continues to learn and explore and now teach others of the magic and mystery within the Menstrual Cycle.

Having learned from many incredible Women, teachers one and all, Jules now facilitates The Red Tent in her local community, teaches Menstrual Education in primary schools and runs “Becoming – A Woman” workshops for mothers and daughters. She is deeply grateful for the joy and privilege of bringing this ancient wisdom to others.


Tina Kirkham Smith


Location: Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Available to teach internationally in the Southern Hemisphere


Website: akikiwellbeing.com.au


Email: tina@akikiwellbeing.com.au


Phone: +61 4 0611 8233

Tina is a great connecter who brings a ray of sunshine to everyone she meets. She operates from the integrity of her heartspace allowing people to be who they truly be.

Providing women’s circles to honour the Divine Feminine, to help women embrace the ancient wisdoms and young girls move confidently through their Menarche rite of passage into womanhood is Tina Kirkham Smith’s passion.  All women leave these holistically healing circles with an energised sense of warmth, confidence, love and happiness and perhaps even a new best friend.

“To be in sacred circle with my daughter’s head resting on my lap was a perfect moment for me.  I feel so appreciative to you Tina for facilitating this sacred work with such grace and ease so that an important phase of my daughter’s life is now demystified and in such a safe and nurturing environment.  Blessed Be.” – Rachelle Rose xx